Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I really have layed off the blog.

Well, the Pendleton house has been crazy lately. I know, I know, that is really hard to believe, you know with all the calmness in our home. So, keep your eyes peeled because on Monday I am going to start catching up on the last 8 months I did not blog. Should be more than enough to keep you busy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day at the Pendleton Zoo

How sweet.

My oldest Tara and her oldest Ariana.

Shiane my 2 yr old grandaughter.

Ariana my 3 yr old grandaughter.

Kaden Jon my miracle child

Ryan my wonderful funny son that makes me love and proud to be his mom.

My Grandmother and me on Mother's Day.

My mother's day started on Saturday night when we had 4 generations to dinner at Lambert's Cafe in Foley. My mom, me, my daughter, and her girls.  We had so much fun. As I looked at my family I thought wow who would have ever thought this would be me.

I prayed so hard 13 yrs ago for God to please spare me for all I ever wanted to be was a mommy and I was being told that I had to have a hysterectomy before ever carrying a child.  I thought my life was over for you see all I ever wanted to be was a mommy. I always thought that out of all the women in this world that could have children and not take care of them or that did not want to take care of them why was God punishing me? What had I done? Well, guess what I had not done anything. God just had a better plan for me. Apparently he thought I would be such a good mommy that he was saving me and trusting me to take care of three children that would need me very much.

First he sent me a 13 yrs old girl. (What was he thinking?) Then again who am I to question God. So, now we have jumped into parenthood feet first. Skipping the diapers, and bottles and going right to teenage girl problems. Wow what a roller coaster that was and all I can say is thank goodness for Sherry Davis and thank you Lord for trusting me.

Five years later the Lord blessed me with a little boy. He was beautiful a gift from God and I watched him grow for 8 months and then take his first breath of life.  He was the most beautiful little boy I had ever seen. I loved him the second I found out about him, but when I saw him there are not enough words to say how I felt.

Now, for the whirlwind child 12 months and 12 days later here came another little boy. I watched him for 7 months grow constantly fighting for his well being. I watched him as he took his first breath and was rushed away to Intensive Care where we could not touch him or kiss him. The emotions were strong and he conquered many health problems. This child is a true miracle, they said he would never live that he would not make it, but the Lord supplied many wonderful people to love us and pray us through this time.

What did I learn? I learned that although the Lord did not allow me to birth my children he picked me and trusted me to raise these children to the best of my ability. I learned never to doubt the Lord and I also learned that being a mommy is the best job and the most tiresome job in the world.

 "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." 

God blessed me with my wonderful husband and then blessed me with beautiful children. I feel extra blessed today because you see, 13 yrs ago I did not think I would ever be a mom. and now I have a 25 year old daughter, a beautiful 7 year old little boy, an amazing 6 yr old little boy, and two beautiful grandaughters. I am so rich in what matters that I could live in a card board box and be happy.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Newest Pendleton addition

Well, for all those that know we rescued an English bulldog a while back. On Thanksgiving, we got a call that the dogs next door had gotten our baby under the fence. He could not be saved. Our neighbors, who are very good friends of ours immediately put up a fence to protect our other dogs and children, but we told the boys we would have to wait a while to even think about another English Bulldog. Well, just so happens we have a good friend that has French Bulldogs. So, after listening to Ryan cry day in and day out about Hoss and missing him so terribly we decided to try to see how he would do with a French Bulldog. His name is Manny and he is one year old. Keep in mind we have two other dogs(well they are our babies and do not realize they are dogs) and an iguana named Fin. So, this is going to prove interesting. To make matters is another BOY!!!!

I don't know if I will ever get him in bed.He is being silly, but I love it when he laughs this hard.

Settled in and sound asleep, Even snoring, fits right in with all of us. Now, if I could just get Ryan to bed. Up and down, up and down, can Manny sleep with me mom please? No, Ryan we need to see how he does with the whole marking his territory thing. Which, so far so good. I fell better with him in the kennel tonight. Ryan has tried everything including putting a pillow on the floor and laying on it.  Isn't he beautiful? I just love him already!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


First thing this morning before church.
Waiting on egg hunting time.
Hunting eggs before and awesome service at Highland Baptist Church. You see the mood my kids were in today.
After church on to my mom's for Easter lunch and since my sister's birthday is Monday and my dad's birthday is Wednesday we celebrated today.
My dad and the boys
Charles looks so excited. Doesn't he?
My sister's 39th birthday.
Daddy's 61st birthday.
The boys waiting to hunt eggs at Nanny's. Gotta love Kaden's face huh?

and now the boys hide eggs for the adults to hunt.
Uncle Carl
THENNNNN...You won't believe it......YES they asked if they could........
GO SWIMMING!!!!!!! Well, it is offiicially spring and as my granny always said after April 1. SO,
guess what.
That is Kaden scaring me with a back flip.
No mom it's not cold I am just trying to stay on top of the float.
Really come on in.
Move Ryan let me up there it is coooooollld. Well if you won't move then here take this.

Swim Ryan swim. Is it cold now?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthdays, snow days, vacations, plays, and tball. Catchin up.

Well, birthdays are behind us and we had an awesome snow day to play. I woke up looked outside and thought okay no snow. Ryan and Kaden were on it. Outside checking it out each time a little flake would fall they were certain the sky was going to open up and the most amazing snowflakes were going to fall. We did get a few flakes, but nothing to speak of, however, we drove just north to the Atmore line and guess what we found. Snow and more snow. We met Lottie Hart and her babies to play in the snow.

Our day in the snow. The boys even made it on

We also had Kaden's birthday with the family. He is now 6. I can harldly believe it. It is so hard to believe that 6 years ago I was looking at a 3 lb 13 oz baby that we could not touch for the first 24 hours. Now, I am looking at a healthy, strong, and very stubborn little boy that has my heart completely filled.  A miracle child indeed in more than one way.

Then comes the Valentine party at school. Kaden's class was so busy and so fun. I did not get photos of Ryan's class. You see he is in first grade and apparently in first grade life gets a little more serious and mommy's are not needed in the classroom as much.

Kaden's bestie Jordan, her mommy and her brother.

4H club is a growing part of our lives. We are very new to this, but we are trying. The boys each entered something different. Ryan entered his quarter collection and Kaden entered the fashion part as a cowboy.

and movin on through March. We went on vacation to....


Mawmaw and Ryan at Disney

Aren't we cute?

Hey I like the Jungle Cruise.

Not so sure about Thunder Mountain though.

Uhhhhh is that it?

Comeon dad smile quit being a baby.

I am ready to go on Buzz Lightyear

Yes I am pouting

What are Ryan and Uncle LJ doing?
This is what the sky writer was doing the weekend we were in Disney. It says Jesus Loves You. You could see it from everywhere in Disney.
Kaden and Charles with the fooseball men.
Kaden had no reaction, but the rest of us were a little scared.
On the way home.

This vacation was so awesome. We had a great time and I can not wait to plan next years vacation spot. Thinking Niagara Falls Canada.

Wow that covered up to the 23rd of March. Came back to a ball game and a Kindergarten play.
The kindergartners put on a play called "3 of  a Kind" Kaden was a Three Musketeer and he did a fabulous job.
Opening day at TBall
Well, I think we are caught up now, and tomorrow is Easter so new pics tomorrow. I will try to do better at keeping everything up to date.